South Plains Advocates for Freedom (SPAFF) is a non-partisan volunteer group of citizen activists whose primary objective is to protect our freedoms and expose government over-reach and the violation of our God-given individual rights.

Our core mission is to promote fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and individual freedom.  Our meetings will be a place where political conservatives can congregate, share values and information and develop and execute plans to further our goals.

We will strive to inform, empower and mobilize taxpayers to resist government overreach in our city, county, state and country by all peaceful means.

SPAFF intends to research and disseminate information concerning current issues that impact our families’ future well-being.

Guidelines for these activities include the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the virtues and freedoms derived from Biblical principles.

Beck Steel Sues City of Lubbock Over Storm Water Fees

Talking Points of the Lawsuit include: Of the nearly $24 million that is collected in Storm Water fees, less than $3 million goes to the Storm Water department costs.  More than $800,000 goes to LP&L (City of Lubbock) to add a line item to their monthly invoice for the drainage charge.  More than $18 million …

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Doug Karr Addresses Storm Water Rates to Karen Gibson

Karen Gibson Councilwoman, District 5 Lubbock, TX Karen, I just wanted to email you and express my gratitude for the town hall meetings and the forums you provided to address the issue of the storm water rate.  I attended the one on Monday evening and listened with interest to what you and the others in attendance had …

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