South Plains Advocates for Freedom (SPAFF) is a non-partisan volunteer group of citizen activists whose primary objective is to protect our freedoms and expose government over-reach and the violation of our God-given individual rights.

Our core mission is to promote fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and individual freedom.  Our meetings will be a place where political conservatives can congregate, share values and information and develop and execute plans to further our goals.

We will strive to inform, empower and mobilize taxpayers to resist government overreach in our city, county, state and country by all peaceful means.

SPAFF intends to research and disseminate information concerning current issues that impact our families’ future well-being.

Guidelines for these activities include the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the virtues and freedoms derived from Biblical principles.

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SPAFF Member Doug Karr’s Response to City Council Re: NELCDC

Last night, those associated with the city council and the  NELCDC played out a 3 tiered strategy on the Lubbock taxpayers: (1) fog the issue as much as possible with irrelevant information and “spin,” (2) try to discredit anyone or any group that opposes or questions what is going on with the NELCDC, and (3) …

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SPAFF Members Spread the Word Statewide About Smart Meters

Liz and Justin Padgett, members of SPAFF, made the March issue of The Eagle Forum Torch Magazine.  The article can be read here below or on page 3 of the Torch. SMART METERS:  NO STATE OR FEDERAL MANDATE By:  Justin and Elizabeth Padgett Texans Against Smart Meters Leadership February 2, 2014 FEDERAL LAW The 2005 …

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