Aug 20

How Many Voting Irregularities are Taking Place in Your County?

Dr. Laura Pressley filed an appeal of a district court decision on her contested District 4 Austin City Council runoff race against Greg Casar in December 2014.

Pressley, noticed numerous election irregularities such as more ballots than voter names as reported during early voting, and she identified repetitive mathematical patterns that called the results into question.

These red flags prompted her request for a recount in January. The ensuing process led to a disturbing revelation that the Travis County paperless electronic voting system may be operating in violation of Texas election law, and, according to court filed documents, it appeared that Travis County may not have employed some of the administrative safeguards designed by the Secretary of State to protect the integrity of the voting process.

Evidence Obtained from Court Records

Pressley, who has a Ph.D. in chemistry and a background in semiconductor engineering, noticed irregularities in the conduct of the Travis County election in December 2014. “The numbers didn’t add up and what we discovered was that our Legislature’s important system of checks and balances was not being followed regarding electronic voting systems,” Pressley said.

  • More Ballots than voters during Early Voting
  • Ballot by Mail voters appear to be recorded up to 3 times on different days
  • Systematic, repetitive mathematical patterns found in election results
  • Recount was conducted illegally with Cast Vote Records vs Ballot Images
  • Mandated election records are missing
  • Ballot Images are missing
  • Backup Results/Tally tapes are missing–judges were instructed to not print them
  • Computer “Corrupt” Errors during vote tabulation on election night
  • Security Seals improperly sealed and replaced

We must ensure our elections adhere to the rule of law and follow the checks and balance systems our Texas legislature intended.


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