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Aug 05

Liz Padgett Says: “Let the Free Markets Work in Lubbock!”

In response to Imagine Lubbock spokeswoman Connie Wharton’s statement that she would not support Charles Perry’s campaign for State Senator since he did not bow to the will of her organization and the Chamber in passing a sales tax to fund Imagine Lubbock Together, she needs to remember that out of approximately 230,000 Lubbockites, only about 1,000 persons attended …

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Jan 14

Monorail Massengale and the Chamber of Boondoggles

http://www.empowertexans.com/election/monorail-massengale-and-the-chamber-of-boondoggles/ Monorail Massengale and the Chamber of Boondoggles January 13, 2014 by Tony McDonald From the “we can’t make this stuff up” file, out of Lubbock comes news that Lubbock master downtown developer Delbert McDougal is working to install a monorail. You read that correctly. A monorail. In Lubbock. Steve Massengale supports a tax increase …

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