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Mar 15

SPAFF Member Doug Karr’s Response to City Council Re: NELCDC

Last night, those associated with the city council and theĀ  NELCDC played out a 3 tiered strategy on the Lubbock taxpayers: (1) fog the issue as much as possible with irrelevant information and “spin,” (2) try to discredit anyone or any group that opposes or questions what is going on with the NELCDC, and (3) …

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Nov 29

Response to David Seim and Imagine Lubbock Letter to the Editor

In response to David Seim’s letter to the editor concerning opposition to the Imagine Lubbock project, Doug Karr has written a succinct message to Mr. Seim, Mayor Robertson, the City Council, and members of the Avalanche Journal Editorial Staff. Mr. Young, Please be advised that this is NOT a letter to the editor. I read …

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