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Aug 15

Liz Padgett’s Public Comments to Lubbock Council in Regards to HUD Consolidated Plan and Grants

In studying about the consolidated plan and Community Development Block Grants along with the new plan, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, I understand the feds send us $2,000,000 of our own money, and in exchange, they get to come into our town and map our citizens according to race and income level, and tell us where …

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Jul 30

Fundamentally Transforming America Through HUD Grants

Summary_of_AFFH_Critical_CommentsI believe that we are seeing the unveiling of the President’s inaugural wishes of “fundamentally transforming America” with this invasion of illegal aliens. We as a country, will descend into a democracy and not the Constitutional Republic it was founded to be by building a broad base of progressive voters for the rest of my …

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