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Dec 11

Response to David Seim’s Editorial and Imagine Lubbock Together by Local Lubbock Resident

You recently wrote a letter to the editor expressing your loyalties to Imagine Lubbock Together.  I am glad you have enjoyed your service to the committee and can appreciate your pride in its accomplishments.  It is commendable to want Lubbock to progress and to have pride in the City.  You mentioned that dissenters don’t know what they …

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Jun 04

PATRIOT PRESS: The Informed Citizen June 2013 Edition

June 2013 Patriot Press

Jan 06

AGENDA 21/SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Is Imagine Lubbock Together Part of this Plan?

AGENDA 21/SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IS IMAGINE LUBBOCK TOGETHER PART OF THIS PLAN? Although the final plan for Imagine Lubbock Together has not been shown to the public, this project has all the earmarks of Agenda 21.  More often than not, the elected officials who adopt these plans have never read Agenda 21, and many have never …

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