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Dec 11

Response to David Seim’s Editorial and Imagine Lubbock Together by Local Lubbock Resident

You recently wrote a letter to the editor expressing your loyalties to Imagine Lubbock Together.  I am glad you have enjoyed your service to the committee and can appreciate your pride in its accomplishments.  It is commendable to want Lubbock to progress and to have pride in the City.  You mentioned that dissenters don’t know what they …

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Jun 20

Response to Eddie McBride’s Lubbock Online Letter

In response to Mr. McBride,  most Lubbock citizens are “respectable” and want to see Lubbock prosper,  in a free enterprise manner, without public/private partnerships which foster corporate favoritism on the backs of hard-working taxpayers.  Mr.  Seim and Ms. Wharton  interviewed 20-plus urban designers and selected the top two Agenda 21 activists in their  field.  If …

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